Culture and shopping in Iceland

The harsh Icelandic nature has shaped the country through the centuries from the time of the first settlers to Iceland today, but it has also had an effect on its people, the animals they brought with them and the culture they created. Icelandic culture and it's history bare the marks of the magical Icelandic nature, Icelandic folklore is full of nature related myths and legends some of them dating back to the time of the Vikings and others having distinctive European roots. This cohabitation of people and nature can be seen in Icelandic products where nothing is wasted.
There are many shops in Iceland which specialize in selling items of Icelandic design from Icelandic clothing brands to the traditional Icelandic sweaters that are hand knitted. The knitted sweater has been part and parcel of Icelandic culture for a very long time, in Icelandic museums older Icelandic clothing like it can be viewed and there it is attributed with saving many Icelandic people. Here you will find a list of some of the stores in Iceland and in Reykjavik that sell anything from Icelandic design to the most recent thing in any Icelandic clothing brand. You can also find online stores which ship their product worldwide.

Downtown Shopping in Reykjavik

Laugavegur is the main shopping street in downtown Reykjavik.