Rent a bike in Iceland.

How else are you going to fully experience the country and the capital city of Iceland Reykjavik?

Cycling in Iceland
is safe and fun it is the best way to travel through such a small city. There are many companies that offer bicycle rentals and some have organized bike tours through Reykjavik. See the capital at a leisurely pace, stopping at regular intervals to hear some of the more interesting facts about Reykjavik and the surrounding area.

If you don’t want to huff and puff all the time then maybe renting a Segway in Reykjavik is more your thing? That can also be done. Anything is possible and we will try to find you all you need to make the Icelandic holiday one of the best you have had.

Bike Company

Bike Company offers guided bike tours in Reykjavik. Biking is an ideal way to explore the city of Reykjavik. Biking offers endless possibilities of seeing the city in a new light. Cycle downtown, through the heart of Reykjavík, which is lined with cafés, restaurants and designer shops.

Bike Tour

From the city center to the greener parts and picturesque views of the sea – you'll take in some of the most important sights of Reykjavik on one of our popular Reykjavik bicycle rides.

Mountain Guides Bike

Icelandic Mountain Guides offers a great selection of Iceland mountain biking tours. Iceland is ideal for biking; the beautiful landscapes, the pure unspoiled nature, the midnight sun in summertime, the trails and tracks - mostly consisting of back roads of the highlands, rough jeep tracks, old sheep tracks and hiking paths, along with many other reasons makes mountain bike tours in Iceland an unforgettable experience.