Farm Holidays in Iceland

If you are looking for reliable and affordable accommodation in Iceland that none the less gives you a taste of all that Iceland has to offer Icelandic Farm Holidays may be what you want. They are a chain of farms found in every region of Iceland and they offer travellers accommodation and a variety of services such as guided tours in Iceland and horseback riding.

Accommodation on the farms takes the form of anything from rooms in farmhouses and quiet country hotels to separate houses or cottages as well as renovated outbuildings. Travellers can choose from Bed & Breakfast rooms with shared or private facilities or sleeping-bag accommodation. Cottages are usually rented by the week.  The Icelandic Tourist Board acknowledges and approves the classification system used by the Icelandic Farm holidays Association.

Dinner is available in most of the farms and some of them have fantastic restaurants with well known chefs while others offer more traditional meals in their own kitchen. Lamb and fish are amongst the most common dishes in Iceland.

Icelandic Farm Holidays is an award-winning, leading expert in rural Iceland with over 30 years experience.  

The Icelandic Farm Holidays Association was founded by farmers in 1980 and the travel agency by the same name is still owned by the farmers themselves. As an Earth Check certified organisation, Icelandic Farm Holidays is committed to sustainable tourism.

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