Roads in Iceland

Once you leave the capital of Iceland in your hired car you can stay on paved roads all around the beautiful island driving your hired car from time to time through some of its more picturesque fishing towns and small villages which dot the coastline. This road is the national highway and is known as Highway or Road nr.1 but is affectionately referred to as “Hringvegurinn” or The Ring Road by locals. The total length of the Ring Road around Iceland is 1.339 km. and the speed limit is 90 km./h which is about 55 mph.

We advise all those intending to hire a car in Iceland to make travelling plans ahead of time and checking on a map of Icelandic roads what kind of road leads to your intended destination. We also recommend that those wanting to drive in Iceland estimate how far they want to drive each day and allow for considerable flexibility because of Iceland’s unpredictable weather and road conditions.While driving your rented car in Iceland you may experience roads that are different from what you are accustomed to. The Icelandic road system consists of both paved roads and gravel roads as well as the so-called F-roads, also known as the highland roads. Most of the Icelandic lowland roads are easily accessible and can be driven in a standard hired vehicle, those country roads are also the roads you are most likely to be driving on in your rented car. However, Iceland’s roads, like the weather in Iceland, can be treacherous and difficult to predict. 

Here you will find information for driving in Iceland and some tips for driving a rented car in Iceland.

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